A science park with scenic security

A science park with scenic security - Trinity IM

In a competitive market, our facilities and location are a real selling point for our customers – it’s what sets us apart in the industry.

Domenico Simone, Sota Solutions

Sota is a specialist supplier of IT infrastructure solutions, support and managed services. Following its move to Kent Science Park in 2004, the company has built two data centres and a disaster recovery suite, as well as launching a cloud platform in 2013.

It’s often easy to forget in this age of cloud computing and remote back-ups that our data is not stored in the sky but on physical servers, which makes security a top priority for IT companies responsible for storing confidential client information. In light of this, Kent Science Park has proved to be an ideal location for Sota as Domenico Simone, marketing assistant, explained: “We’re incredibly fortunate to benefit from 24/7 vigilant, on-site security, including CCTV and COTAG identification for our offices and data centres. Our operations centre is also secured by a razor-wire perimeter fence with controlled access via a purpose-built security gatehouse. In a competitive market, our facilities and location are a real selling point for our customers – it’s what sets us apart in the industry. Prospective clients can see where their data will be securely stored, and the fact that we run everything in house is reassuring; if an issue arises, we can pinpoint it directly rather than calling in a third party.”

“The high security doesn’t detract from the beauty of the site, however. It’s lovely to take a walk during a lunch break, and the site management continues to invest in and look after the park, including plans for a new cafeteria. The team is very supportive of the work we’re doing, and there is a friendly culture among the various tenants. For example, we’ll often look after post for each other if someone has popped out of the office, and it’s great to attend the hosted coffee mornings to meet and catch up with local businesses. For Sota, there’s also the added benefit that we can provide IT services to many of the other tenants in the science park. It’s convenient for them to have IT support just around the corner, and we can offer really competitive prices given our close proximity – it’s a win-win situation and helps to build strong relationships between the companies.”

“Kent Science Park has been an ideal location for us to expand our services; the next company chapter involves further recruitment to improve our in-house provision and, no doubt, we’ll have to increase our on-site footprint. We’re also developing a new service delivery matrix, and our close proximity to London is opening up fresh opportunities, particularly in the workplace recovery sector. All in all, the move to Kent Science Park came at the right time, allowing us to develop our services and position ourselves as a leading provider in the market,” Domenico concluded.

To learn more about Sota, visit www.sota.co.uk

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